Philip Mix Philip Mix was born in 1955 and is originally from Edmonton.  Philip’s vocation as an artist was a certainty since childhood when he began painting in oils at age eleven.  His passion led him to the Alberta College of Art from which he graduated in 1979.  Without breaking stride he had his first one man show the following year.

Philip has traveled extensively throughout Europe to breath in the aura of the Masters.  He has shown in various galleries abroad from Santa Cruz to London, Israel, and Cyprus.  His paintings have been favorably compared to those of the Group of Seven.   Though the influence of these and other 20thcentury artists is apparent, his style is always a distinct voice.  (Read More)

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
"My search has been one of seeking the 'elegance of simplicity. Of late, I have made several significant strides towards that goal. First is the principle of color economy based on a personal theory of tones and chromatic scale that I have been mulling over for two decades. "Artist's Homepage

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