Leroy Jensen

Leroy Jensen In his figurative drawings and paintings, Salt Spring Island artist LeRoy Jensen expressed a deep capacity for empathy and compassion, an interest in representing the human condition. His artistic process reflects a unique fusion of traditional and modern painterly practices that mix academic techniques with modernist formal ideals. He began each painting with a foundation drawing, then, working from the specific to the general, he added high contrast areas and colour, covering the original drawing in thick, sensuous paint. The final results were spontaneous and direct, but his expressive freedom was built upon a well-defined armature.

Best-known for his earthy figurative gouache and pastel drawings and oil paintings, Jensen was Canadian but lived abroad during the early years of his life. He was raised in China and Japan, and traveled to Europe to study art, attending the Royal Academy in Copenhagen, then training at the Parisian atelier of the cubist painter, Andre L’Hote.

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Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
“I hope my work shows something because I have put all I am into it, I cannot say more.”

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